Monday, June 16, 2008

July 4th Treats

This was probably the quickest and easiest project I've ever done. I could have done a lot more with it, but I wanted it to be quick and easy so that is how I approached it. I'll be making more of these but here's the first one - its a July 4th Treat Bag. I filled the bag with "Red Hots" (cinnamon candies). For the bag topper, I used a pre-made digital page and just inserted a photo. Here's the digi kit with the pre-made stars that I used: Liberty & Justice: Mini Star Album by MandaBean.

This kit is made for making a mini-album, but I like to "think outside of the box" and see what else I can do - you know, to get more bang for your buck ;)

I found the little red bags at the craft store (you may need to make the star a little larger when you print it out depending on what size bags you get). I printed the star out on cardstock, cut it out, and used brads (I put a little sequin with my brad) to attach it to the top of the bag (I also folded the top of the bag down a bit prior to attaching the star with the brads). Here's a photo of the back of the bag, to show how the brads attach the star:

The two sayings at the bottom of the bag also come in the digi kit. I just cut them out and used glue dots to attach them to the bag. That's about it - SUPER EASY and a great "starter" hybrid project too - Let me know if you try it out!


Robbie said...

This is such a fun and cute idea!! Thanks for sharing it!

Deb M. said...

Cute..cute!! Love the treat bag. Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!!