Sunday, December 7, 2008

Freebies, Give-Aways, Tutorials!!!

I'm back again today with some FUN STUFF! If you are not a member of DigiShop Talk - JOIN NOW because we are giving away a lot of AMAZING gifts this month in the DST Insider and I don't want you to miss out!

It's FREE to join DST, so go HERE to sign up. Once you've signed up (or if you already are a member), download the December issue of the DST Insider (It's FREE too!!!) - you can download it here: December 2008 DST Insider

This issue is all about HYBRID and in it you will find some incredible tutorials, hybrid articles and LOTS of coupons! But the best part of all - you will find all the free gifts we are giving away this month!!!! Look on Pages 47 - 48 for the freebies and then go to the special 12 Days of Christmas forum at DST to enter in the drawings!

Also in this issue, the super-talented Jess Gordon has a FREE Hybrid Photo Box project!!! I LOVE this box and am going to make one for my mom for Christmas - it is just beautiful and Jess really outdid herself on this! Check it out:

This is a GREAT project for all the scrappers out there that are wanting to try hybrid AND for those who are seasoned hybrid scrappers! All of the directions are included - just add photos, print and assemble! Thanks Jess for this adorable project!!! Oh, and make sure to visit Jess at her new store - Sunshine Studio Scraps!
Lastly, I've made these bows before and had a LOT of people ask for a tutorial - well, I did one for this issue. I have LOTS of photos and step-by-step directions - so, if you are one of the people that asked, look on pages 43-45!

Happy Sunday! Only 18 more days until Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Catching Up!

Obviously I've been VERY behind! Work has been so hectic and busy that I haven't been able to keep up lately :( BUT, I do have a few things to share and with Christmas vacation coming up in two weeks, I hope to get more things accomplished!
For larger photos, you can go to my online gallery and click on the individual thumbnail photos to make them larger.

I've got two mini-albums that I did for My Creative Scrapbook. The first one is the most recent, it's for the December Album Kit.

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" (Album Cover)

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I decided to make a "shaker box" (remember those?) Snow Globe - I put glitter in the shaker box.

(This is a second photo of this page showing the pull out photo behind the house.)

This is a "pocket page" - I always like to add a pocket to my mini-albums to stick extra photos or embellishments in.

The next mini-album is one I did for the November Album Kit at My Creative Scrapbook:

Counting Blessings

(Close up of the cover)

And, I've got a few things that I've done for Sweet Shoppe Designs lately:

Altered To-Go Coffee Cup - made this to put a coffee gift card inside for a Christmas Gift :)

A Little Paper Purse - Just for Fun

Christmas Gift Card Holder

Blessings Card

Well, that's all for now! Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's October - Where'd the time go?

Can't believe its October already! I haven't had time to do a lot of crafty things lately but have one project to share. It's a mini-album for My Creative Scrapbook. This is for the October Album Kit. Making this really put me in the fall spirit (even here in South Florida - lol).

"Photos from the Pumpkin Patch" Mini-Album

(This is the pumpkin from the cover of the album.)

Because I have been so behind in posting lately, I have several people to thank for nominating me for awards and such. I know I am late in doing this so I apologize!! Thank you to:

I've got another little project I finished up last night and want to post but I've been really sick this week and honestly don't have the energy to take the photos and do it now. I had a fever/cold symptoms for a few days and then it moved to my lungs and I feel AWFUL. I hate being sick (don't we all?) so I HOPE this week it'll leave so I can get back to normal life. I'll come back soon to post more!

Hope you have a GREAT week!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mini Albums!

I know I've been neglectful with my blog. With school starting back up, life's been busy! I do have a two mini-albums and another project to share though. The first is a mini-album for My Creative Scrapbook made with the September Album Kit:

The second is a mini, mini album. It's made with a Maya Road Mini Arrow Album. I did this project for Sweet Shoppe Designs using Shawna Clingerman's Outloud Digital Kit. The Sweet Shoppe also has blank templates for the shaped mini-albums they sell so I also used this template to drag my photos and digital papers onto to make the album - makes it really easy (especially when cropping digital photos to fit the album)!!! I kept this one simple - the inside pages are photos only with pattern paper on the backs of the pages. Lots of photos of this album:

Lastly, I have a project that I did for September's Digi Shoppe Talk Insider. This is a FREE publication, you just need to register for a free membership to DST to get it (you can register here). Along with the project, I have step by step instructions on how to make it on pages 24-25. This issue is AWESOME and there is also a chance to win a GREAT prize on page 3! Check it out!!!

Here's the project I did - its a School Memory Box:

That's all for now! Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Say it ain't So!

No!!!! I'm not ready for Summer to be over! I don't want to go back to work next week!!! Only one more week 'til school starts :( I need to change my attitude, don't I? (I just don't want to go back yet!)

Anyway, I do have some projects to share.....A few I did for Sweet Shoppe Designs:

I can't remember if I found this wooden "flowerpot" at AC Moore or Michaels but I got it awhile back and never got around to doing anything with it. I wanted to make some pinwheel flowers and then remembered I had it. The papers are from this kit: Bloom and Grow. Since they are digital papers I printed out one of the papers and then flipped the paper over and put it back in the printer to print the other side. Number 4,868,973 of why I love hybrid....if you want double-sided papers, you get to PICK what papers you'll have on each side :)

I do remember that I got this mini-clipboard at AC Moore. And speaking of AC Moore, not only am I in a state of depression with school starting back.....but my AC Moore CLOSED! I am so bummed!!!! The bad thing is that they built a new store and weren't even open for a year....I was in there one day about three or four weeks ago and the girl at the register said they'd just found out THAT DAY that they were closing down on August 1st. How's that for notice?! And they did. I felt terrible for those folks that worked there, I thought that was pretty crappy for AC Moore to do to them. And I'm sad they are gone, and also surprised that I alone didn't provide enough "economic stimulation" to keep them afloat! But I digress....back to the mini-clipboard....

I made a little digital cover to alter the clipboard with from this kit at SSD: Heartsong

And then I added a photo, photo strip and tag (the photo strip and tag are also in the Heartsong kit).

I also worked all day Saturday on a project for The Insider at Digi Shop Talk. I mentioned awhile back that I'm now the Hybrid Editor for The Insider and part of my job is to find hybrid artists to feature and have them write a tutorial each month for the publication. Shannon (the owner) suggested that I do the tutorial for next month's issue (September) so I gladly accepted. I'm not going to post my project because I want to wait for it to be featured next month, but I loved how it turned out!!! I'll give a hint, its a "back to school" project.

So, if you want to see it and all the amazing layouts that'll be in this issue, sign up at Digi Shop Talk (if you aren't already a member) and the link will be e-mailed to you each month to download the FREE issue!!! (Yes, it's FREE!). You can sign up here: Register at DST

After you sign up, you can access all past issues of the insider here: The Insider

That's all for now! Hope you have a good week!!!