Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July!

Made a little Fourth of July Candy Bouquet. I found the star box at AC Moore and covered "fun size" candy bars to make the bouquet. I used this adorable kit by Heather Roselli & Darcy Baldwin called Freedom Rocks from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Here are a few more pics of the box:

Well I started the daunting task of re-organizing my craft room. I do it about once a year. I've had my eye on this storage rack from Sams Club for a long time now, but was hesitant because it didn't have the "cuteness factor" I was looking for :) But, it is really big and holds a LOT so I caved and got it yesterday. It comes with 18 plastic bins sized 10.5"W x 14"L and the whole thing is 54"H x 36"W x 14"D.

And now, I LOVE IT!!! I started loading it up last night - I can't believe how much each of the bins hold. I'll take some photos once I get things back in order - its chaos in here now.

Here are some "before" photos of my craft room that I took a few months ago:

I'll be decluttering this wall - its gotten too junky. I got rid of the tall white plastic cart - moved all that stuff into the new storage rack I got.

Also got rid of the brown cart under my desk (next to the black chair)

I put the new storage cart with bins here where the wood shelving is in this picture (got rid of the wood shelving). This photo also shows the entrance into the HUGE walk-in closet attached to my craftroom - I reorganized in there too and THAT was the tough part - that took an entire day and I'm still not done. That closet is the size of a small room (you can see it even has its own window in there - lol). I have wall to wall shelving on three of the walls in the closet and it is packed full of craft stuff (its a sickness, really).

I took down the shelves and everything off the wall here and am putting up three rows of uniform white shelves - "L" shaped to fit around the corner. Hopefully it will be a LOT less junky.

So, I have lots to do and will be busy, busy this holiday weekend working on my little re-organization project. Whatever YOU do, I hope you have fun! Happy 4th!


Ginny said...

I came across you blog because we both got spammed by someone unique :)

I wanted to say though, I just love your blog & all the projects you have posted. I subscribed via bloglines!

At least something came out of the spam for you, lol. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you even hesitated before buying the bins...I am convinced you will alter them =) and make them beautiful.

Love your blog..and your art...really wonderful stuff


Monika said...

Oh... I love your room. I wish I had my stuf in that kind of order. My place is always a mess. That storage rack looks really practical.

Wishing you a nice Saturday!

Debbie :-) said...

Hi Cindy!!!!

I'm totally dazzled by your July 4th center piece!!!

I LOVE your creative space!!!! It's so spacious & organized!! I'm looking forward to the day when I no longer have to use the kitchen counter!!

Natalie said...

Ooh, your crafting space is amazing!

I bookmarked your site because I'm especially curious about storage rack from Sam's Club. I don't belong, but wondered if it's worth joining just for the rack alone. :) It's an hour from me - bit of a haul to visit. I'd be considering it for homeschool supplies (but mostly craft-related), and wondered if you minded sharing the price so I can determine if the drive and membership are enough of a 'price' to pay in addition to the price of the item.

yngla said...

Love your room... It´s so cute yet so practical. You really inspired me to try to make my creative place a little more comfortable and enjoyable!