Friday, August 10, 2007

An Altered Jiffy Pop Project!

Do you remember Jiffy Pop? I do and I was quite surprised to see it in the dollar section at Target the other day. I guess it kinda faded out when microwave popcorn got big. But Jiffy Pop was fun....there's just something about that big bump of popcorn that grows as you shake it on the stove burner. O.K.... so where am I going with this - LOL! Why an altered project, of course!

This is a project I did for Dani Mogstad. It's made using a brand new kit called "County Fair". I thought making the Jiffy Pop into a gift would be fun so I decided to make it a Movie Night Kit, decorated and adding a video store gift card.

The Jiffy Pop has a round cardboard cover that is held in place by the thin metal sides that bend over it (the black rim around the cover). All you have to do is open the sides and take the cardboard top off. I measured the top but decided to leave it in place and make another top to go over the original top. I thought it would be best to leave the instructions, ingredients and all that important info on the original top in place since I planned to make this a gift. The top measured 7" so I opened up my imaging program and made a 7" circle to design the top. After designing the top, I cut a slit in it to stick the gift card in and added some ribbon and a button.
Now I have this:

{Click here for a bigger image}

I thought this would be a fun gift for a teacher or friend or neighbor ~ especially with the fall nights ahead.

More later.....


Anonymous said...

Seriously! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.
Charlene Austin

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I haven't seen Jiffy Pop popcorn in YEARS! I'll have to check Target! What a GREAT idea!