Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday Stuff...

My daughter and I went to see the movie "Hairspray" today and WE LOVED IT!!! My daughter is 7 and aside from a little kissing and I think one mild bad word, it was perfect - she loves musicals and broadway/theatre so this was right up her alley. We decided we would go see it again and bring Dad next time. I give it a BIG THUMBS UP!

I had a nice e-mail from Scrapstreet today asking to publish a card I did for the September issue. That made my day! If you haven't seen this online mag, go check it out NOW: ScrapStreet.com Magazine, IT'S FREE!!!!

I also finished a project last night for the Scrap Gypsies Newsletter. I'll post it here as soon as it comes out (which should be in the next few days), I thought it was a neat project: Altering School Supplies.

Speaking of school supplies, here's a school bucket I did (this is the one that's in Scrapbook Dimensions), I can post it now that the mag is out:

Happy Tuesday!!!


Melanie aka Batgirl said...

I love this bucket! great work!

Danielle said...

Wow, you have been busy blogging and crafty since I've been gone..love this!!

regina said...

okay cindy i might have to steal this ideal.......i need to do a school project.....ooo i love this. regina

Patsy Jackson said...

This is just gorgeous Cindy - I really love the tape measure/rule around the side!

Beautiful work as per usual!

PS - Thanks for your comment on my blog too - you are very sweet :)

Patsy x