Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creating with Transparencies!

Have you made anything with Transparencies? I love the look of transparencies and the new clear books that are out. I have yet to make a clear book, although I did buy a few Styrene Blank sheets to make one with - these are a cheap alternative to the pre-made books and can be found at the craft store in the painting isle (where they have specialty & acrylic paints). You just buy the blank sheets and put them together to make your own book.

The transparencies can be found in the office supply store - for either ink-jet or laser printers. I have a box of transparencies that my mother gave me years ago that are made for copy machines, since a laser printer is pretty much the same, I use them in my laser printer and they work great.

Here are a few projects I've made with transparencies:

This is a card - the card base is made from a transparency. I put a photo on the inside of the card and used rub-ons around the photo. On the card front, I simply sewed a strip of paper, a flower and die-cut along the bottom.

This is a hybrid "Summer Fun Journal" I made for my daughter to write about her summer adventures. I used a transparency to print "Summer Fun" on and then sewed that to the front of the journal over the striped paper.

This is a hybrid card I made and wanted to print the round glitter embellishment on something transparent to add to the front of the card. I printed on a transparency and then added some vellum behind the transparency to make it a little less transparent.

Do you have any projects made with transparencies or a clear book? I'd LOVE to see them if you do so leave a comment and let me know!
Also....I'd love to see any altered art projects you've got, no matter what they are made of.... just leave me a link in the comments section!


I had a comment Monday from JanMary that said:

Just getting into hybrid - any suggestions of sites/boards for inspiration? Thanks

Hi JanMary - I listed some a few days ago that I like to visit, here they are:

Scrap Gypsies
Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine
Girl Talk Blog - each Tuesday is "Altered Tuesday" so you'll find great altered projects that are hybrid then.
Digi Shop Talk Hybrid Gallery

Another new one I'm adding is: Digi Freebies Blog (free digi stuff!!)
But there are a LOT more. If anyone knows of a good site, leave me a comment so I can add it to the list!

Happy Wednesday :)


The Lost Poet said...

first, sorry for my english, >.<

second, good, blogg, i like the "post card" the caligraphy exelent,

again very sorry for my english

ScrapMomOf2 said...

These are all very pretty! I have use transparencies on a few scrapbook pages . . . I like them. I've printed journaling on it, and on one page, I created a pocket for the playbill book for my Wicked layout! I don't actually have pictures of either project, but if I make something new, I'll send it to you.

I left a comment on your "Whatever Girlfriend!" project. I nominated you for the "Nice Matters" award. You've probably received it already, but I nominated you again. Visit my blog to see your nomination!

BTW, GREAT projects! Everything you do is so fresh, colorful, fun, and FABULOUS!

Christi Snow said...

Well, actually yes, I do love working with transparencies and coincidentally just finished three projects using them, but I can't share them yet. ;) Love your work, Cindy. It is gorgeous as always.

Thank you so much for the hybrid links. I am going to check them out today! smiles...

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the tip about the art dept. in the craft store. I will have to check this out.

As for transparencies. Love them! And the work you did with them is amazing like always. I love seeing what you create.

Louly said...

I love what you've created Cindy It's all beautiful, fun and fresh. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Cindy

Love the look of these transparencies - they are so in vogue right now! Fab! Your DD is so sweet :)

regina said...

thanks for the directions cindy, these are some awesome projects....regina

Anonymous said...

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